Our Approach

In my opinion, the dog training service that I offer is  different , in that I am a qualified coach and strongly believe that by coaching owners to understand a dogs body language and behaviour - equips you with the tools to transform your dogs behaviour and help them to become a more balanced and happy member of your family.

I am trained via the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and therefore the methods used are non aversive and focus on positive reinforcement which are scientifically based and work really well.  Your dogs welfare will always be at the forefront of the training undertaken, whilst having fun!


Our Story

I am Rhona and have over 20 years experience in handling dogs and have always had a passion for coaching and training (hence becoming a qualified coach!) We have had mainly golden retrievers over the years, which as you will know are usually calm, intuitive and extremely sociable dogs!  Having lost my 15 year old retriever Bonnie in 2017, I headed straight to our local rescue centre and chose 2 year old Jake to be our new addition to the family!  He is a border collie x springer spaniel known as a "Sprollie" and unfortunately had not had a great start in life.  This started my journey in becoming qualified as a dog trainer as I really sought to understand what was driving his reactive behaviour and how I could best help him.  It has been a journey of ups and downs - and I am happy to say that there are many more ups now than down days!  If you have a reactive dog (to either dogs or strangers) then please get in touch ...we can help you!

Read Jake's story below and he will tell you all!!


Jake's Story


Hi I'm Jake!

I am extremely energetic and love to run!  I have been in my new family for two years now and I love them ...but it hasn't always been like that.  I was born and taken away from my mum at just a few weeks old (before I should have been) which meant that I had not had time to learn from my litter mates about socialisation and how to play calmly with my siblings.  I was advertised on gum tree and "rescued" by a family in Wales who had 4 children and another collie called Marley.  There were no boundaries in that house - so Marley and I played in a rough way and often fell out with each other! I also learnt that if I barked loudly at any other dogs coming near me - then they kept away from me - which was great because I wasn't very confident around other dogs.  The family could not cope with us very well and so they contacted the rescue centre and Marley and I were taken there....which was scary for us.  Then my new owners came along - they also have Mia (it took a while for her to like me!) but we got there in the end! I have done lots of training with my new owner and been introduced (very slowly) to other dogs at a large distance to start with and then closer and closer.  I have learnt now that I don't need to bark at all dogs to keep them away ….most dogs are nice to say hello to! I am still on a journey of transformation.....but I am so much happier now and show lots of love and affection to my new owners as well as Mia!

Mia's Story


Hi I'm Mia!

I have a lovely life - having been born 8 years ago in Devon and been brought home as a puppy - trained during my early years .. .I know where the boundaries are!  For the first six years of my life I lived with Bonnie - who became a great friend and I loved hanging off her ears and bouncing around with her!  Then two years ago my owners brought home Jake …….what were they thinking?? He was loud, rude and I really didn't like him to start with!  He had no manners ...and he was two...so should have known better!  I took it upon myself to put him in his place and show him what the boundaries are for living with me!  This worked well as he learnt quickly and now we have a great relationship where we live in harmony most of the time!  I felt quite sorry for him as he had not had a great start in life but my owner has trained him well and he really is behaving like a normal happy dog now!!


Our Philosophy

Whatever intervention you book, either Behaviour Consultations, 121 dog training sessions, puppy programmes or anxious/reactive dog programmes - positive reinforcement methods are used in every instance so that your dog feels comfortable and motivated for the entire training session.  A typical coaching session will help you to know how to get the best out of your dog as well as how to improve the relationship between you.  By coaching you to transform your dog, they will become a more contented and happier family member as a result.  Don't take our word for it though.....have a look at our reviews page and see for yourself!