Are you thinking about or getting a new puppy soon?

puppy training new dog

Are you exhausted just thinking about the things you need to consider before and after bringing your fur baby home? Well….relax and read my top five considerations to introducing a new puppy into your home!

Arrange a pre-puppy home visit with a good dog trainer
They will help you to prepare and make a list of all the necessary and most helpful equipment that you will need to ensure that your puppy settles in to their new environment in the most positive way.

“Puppy Proof” the house
Puppies are curious creatures and as such will want to stick their noses into most things especially in places where we don’t want them to! So better to be cautious and prepared than constantly watching them!

  • Make sure there are no poisonous plants in your house or garden – various online forums will point you in the right direction for this one
  • Make sure that all “illegal toys” such as shoes, remote controls, mobiles, books etc are put well out of reach otherwise if they are within reach they will be chewed …you have been warned!
  • Make sure there are no electrical hazards like wires or plugs that can be chewed
  • Ensure the fencing in the garden is secure and there are no obvious places where pup can dig his way into next doors garden! And fence off any ponds or water to restrict puppies access.
  • Monitor furniture like the skirting boards or table legs as they can become chewing zones for puppies who are left unattended

Focus on the behaviours you DO want rather than the ones you don’t want
How often as children did we get told off for “not” tidying our rooms or “not” being polite and how much more sense would it have made to us if we were rewarded for the required behaviours ie for tidying our rooms and being polite rather than being punished. It is no different for our furry friends – the more positively we can reinforce the behaviours we want the more your puppy will practice those behaviours! Simples right…?? Most owners want their dogs to be friendly with other people and dogs, to be fun, to have a great recall, walk nicely on the lead and to have good manners amongst other things! So those are the behaviours we should focus on rewarding – rather than tell pup off when he jumps up we should focus on rewarding him when he keeps all four paws on the floor and pay no attention or rewards for the jumping up behaviour.

puppy training new dog

Train the foundations
Find a fun training course that you can do with your puppy (visit the IMDT website to see which trainers are close to you) or book on my puppy classes if you are in the West Berkshire area. Whichever trainer you choose make sure they will teach the foundations of good manners with structured socialisation between puppies, eye contact, loose lead walking, recall, playing with toys, vet handling and lots more besides!

Enjoy spending time with your new friend
Most of all enjoy spending time with your puppy – build that trust and bond with him or her whilst they are in younger phase of puppyhood – this is the time to demonstrate to puppy that you are the most fun human being in the world and being with you is so much more fun than being anywhere else – this way once they reach the adolescent phase although it is likely to be a challenging time….. the foundations will be entrenched and that will pay dividends! For more information on bonding via rucksack walks and more you should read Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy written by Steve Mann founder of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. A brilliantly written, fun look at owning and training a happy puppy!

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