What’s going on at the end of your lead?

How are you and your dog feeling today – Relaxed and Happy or Stressed and Fearful? Often we will go ...
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The #1 rule for Christmas dog owners

As we all head towards the lovely Christmas festivities and look forward to a well earned break with our loved ...
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How to help your dog through the Firework season

I don’t know about you but once upon a time 5th November was the only time you heard fireworks and ...
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puppy training new dog

Are you thinking about or getting a new puppy soon?

Are you exhausted just thinking about the things you need to consider before and after bringing your fur baby home? ...
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How to help your dog to have a happy and yummy Easter!

Whats the first thing the kids think about when they get excited about Easter coming just around the corner? Yes… ...
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dog recall training

5 Tips for a better recall with your dog

Are you finding that your dog just won’t listen to you when you are out walking? Is he more interested ...
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dog nose sniff training

To sniff or not to sniff…now that is the question??

Did you know that dogs are thought to have up to 300 million olfactory receptors (specialized cells of the mucous ...
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poppy dog training

Meet Poppy

This is poppy…a lovely 7 month old jackapoo who I’m currently working on a 121 with…she’s responding really well on ...
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winnie dog training

Meet Winnie

Meet Winnie - Had a lovely time working with this little lady this morning! We were working on her persistent ...
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jake dog training

Meet Jake

This is Jake - he is one of our dogs and a bundle of fun! ...
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