Are you finding that your dog;

  • Jumps up constantly at you, visitors or strangers whilst you are out?
  • Suffers with separation anxiety?
  • Excessively barks for no apparent reason?
  • Pulls excessively whilst on the lead?
  • Does not come back to you when called?
  • Has aggression issues?
  • Is protective around toys and/or food with people or other dogs?
  • Is reactive around other dogs and/or people?
  • Has any other behavioural issues that you would like to change?

Book in for a behaviour consultation with your dog as below and lets get started to change it...……..

dog training consulation
dog class consultation

About Me

I am mentored by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Behaviourist (IMDTB)

and am fully insured to work in Training and Behaviour work.  The welfare of your dog is paramount and all methods are force free and scientifically based.  I am also a qualified coach with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and therefore like to bring a blend of coaching and training into my behaviour consultations.  I have over 20 years experience of owning and training dogs of different breeds and behavioural needs - my most recent rescue dog Jake has had severe reactivity issues…read Jakes story here.  Over the past few months with consistent behaviour and training interventions he has transformed into a much calmer dog who can now meet and greet other dogs in a sensible manner (most of the time!)

rhona jake and mia

All behaviour consultations will be bespoke to the specific needs of you and your dog – we will agree a plan (usually 3 months in duration).  A follow up report will be emailed to you and can also be sent to your vet to ensure they are kept up to date with any training/behaviour recommendations for your dog.

The initial consultation will take place in your home in order for me to see your dog interacting in the place he feels most comfortable in – your home.  Follow up sessions will tend to take place at a suitable outdoors venue to work on the behaviour that you are seeking to change.


3 sessions to include –

  • Initial assessment plus follow up report      60 – 90 minutes
  • Follow up session 1     after 2 – 4 weeks     45 – 60 minutes
  • Follow up session 2        after 4 – 6 weeks  45 – 60 minutes

Plus unlimited email, phone and whatsapp support;

Total £180 (additional sessions charged at £65 per session)

Next Steps...

If you would like to find out more information , or to book a behaviour consultation with your dog please fill in the form below - OR call me on 07976 620840.