How to help your dog to have a happy and yummy Easter!

Whats the first thing the kids think about when they get excited about Easter coming just around the corner? Yes…. I think it would be the Chocolate Easter eggs every time….and they tend to get loads of them! Just remember though that chocolate of any description is very toxic for our dogs so please make sure they are kept well out of reach of Fido as they are likely to contain caffeine as well as theobromine/theophylline which affects the heart and nervous system and can cause fatalities in dogs. Please also be careful with Xylitol or Aspartame (artificial sweeteners) as these can also be fatally toxic for dogs – and can be used inadvertently in our baking which our dog may help themselves to.

So what can we give our furry friends to make sure that they feel part of the Easter celebrations but is safe for them? Given that they love sniffing and using their noses, the smellier the treat the better they will love it – so any type of fish such as salmon, sardines, sprats or tuna will go down a treat.

A couple of recipes courtesy of “Beyond the Bowl” by Diane Kasperowicz and Jodie White (a great book for mental enrichment):

  • Sensational Salmon – steam a salmon fillet (until cooked through) add chopped carrots and leave to cool. Once cooled add a few blueberries, some natural yoghurt and some salmon bites and blend. Spoon into a KONG and give to your dog – alternatively, wrap in clingfilm and freeze for later use but always remember to run under the tap first to avoid freezer burn.
  • Friday Fish Feast– In a bowl mix together a handful of kibble and some fish flavoured wet food plus some tuna flakes. Spoon into your KONG, dropping in a few dried salmon skin pieces for extra crunch! Wrap in clingfilm and put in the freezer as above regarding freezer burn.
happy easter

So, there are just a couple of Easter ideas to make for your dog to ensure they don’t feel left out of the celebrations – you can also play the dog equivalent of a treasure hunt, hiding high-value treats or favourite toys that your dog loves around the house and garden and getting them to find the treats they will love it!

It is essential to be mindful of your own dog’s tolerances or intolerances and allergies so before adding any new food into your dog’s diet check they are safe for your dog and if you don’t know or they are intolerant just switch that element out of the recipe.

Wishing you all and your pups a relaxing, happy and fun Easter break!

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