Puppy Classes

Up to a maximum of 8 puppies in a class where we work on the foundations of  obedience elements such as recall, socialisation, mat work, vet handling, heel work...

The first few months of a puppy's life is so important as they learn so quickly,  like sponges absorbing all the information about the world around them - its important to make sure that their experiences at a young age are as positive as possible.  So if you want to ensure that your puppy is given the best start in learning then please contact us and book onto our popular puppy classes.

Dates for 2019 coming soon....


puppy training
puppy training class


We run puppy socialisation sessions which are structured and encourages calm play - all sessions will be conducted on long line training leads and puppies will be taught how to play positively with other pups!

Dates for 2019 coming soon!

1:1 Training sessions

If your puppy lacks confidence and you would prefer to work on a 1:1 basis ensuring that he/she picks up the foundations of obedience quickly - then please contact us to book a session.

Obedience Foundation Puppy Classes

New Puppy Class starting on Wednesday 5th June 2019 at 6pm to 7pm in Upper Lambourn...please click on calendar to book a place

Next Steps...

If you would like to find out more information on what we can offer, or you would like to book onto one of our classes please fill in the form below and we will get back to you.