The #1 rule for Christmas dog owners

As we all head towards the lovely Christmas festivities and look forward to a well earned break with our loved ones….please bear in mind that much of the festive fayre we enjoy each year can be harmful to our dogs!

Following an expensive trip to the vets on Boxing Day last year, I know only too well how easy it is to overlook tasty, but potentially toxic food, for dogs on the kitchen worktop. So do ensure that things like mince pies, Christmas cake, chocolate on the tree (or anywhere) are kept well out of your furry friends reach!

Instead make them some yummy kongs or licki mats that they can enjoy using primula cheese, frankfurter sausage, mashed banana or blueberries to name but a few!

For more scrumptious ideas by Diane Kasperowicz go to “beyond the bowl – canine enrichment” Facebook page or have a look at the paperback book (a great Christmas present for someone!)

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